Todays tidying up action is a part of great Belgrade cleaning action and this is the 300th location that has been completed. We are cleaning locations that have been reported by the citizens to Beokom service. SBB has been the first company to join this action and I hope many others will follow their example. We have several thousand volunteers who came forward so far, which makes this action the biggest event of this kind in Belgrade“, said Darko Glavaš, Beokom Director.

TV and digital TV donations

This donation is of great importance to Parent house as the little ones and parents are now able to watch numerous TV channels during their stay in our facility. I would like to underline that this is not the first SBB’s donation – more than two years ago, when we opened a Parent House in Niš, they donated cable network and internet connection”, Jelena Golubović Todorović from Nurdor said.


Starting from its launch of operations, United Group traditionally invests into projects aiming to improve employees’ quality of life within corporate socially responsible projects, as well as in projects supporting individuals, organisations and institutions.

As the United Group expanded, ideas and desires to improve our community through unique programs were growing, too. During time, the programs were becoming bigger and more demanding in scope so we’ve decided to make the next step, totally new to us – launching of the United Group Foundation.

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United Group is the largest alternative telecom provider in the region that operates in two main business segments: telecommunication platforms and media (content and advertising). It has the broadest network coverage in the region and provides services of the highest quality.

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Revenues €283.7 mil.

Employees 2,059

Home Passed 1.4 MIL.

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